I am always by your side...

The many relationships that Sephiroth has had in his life.

Sephiroth and Cloud Strife

As mentioned previously, two sides of the same coin. These two are kindred spirits; both have had their pasts lied to, both have gone through the process of questioning their own identities, and both carry in themselves a certain sense of determination to finish what they've started once they've made their choices, and see it all the way. Both are also very proud and not very likely to admit defeat or weakness, although Cloud eventually does, and in doing so is able to turn Sephiroth's own arrogance against him on two occasions.

Sephiroth and Aeris Gainsborough

Professor Gast was a mentor to Sephiroth while he was growing up, and he was Aeris' father. The two share another connection, in that both are of the same Cetra race (that is, Aeris is half-Cetra, and Sephiroth believes that he is a Cetra). Both stand on opposing ends however; Sephiroth seeks the black materia to call on Meteor, while Aeris possesses the white materia to summon Holy, and stop Meteor, and this clashing of ideals can only lead to tragedy.

Sephiroth and Tifa Lockhart

All contact Tifa had ever had of Sephiroth was when she served as a tourist guide to him, Zack and Cloud five years before FF7 took place, and that he had killed her father. Decidedly, Tifa is determined to kill Sephiroth once and for all.

Sephiroth and Vincent Valentine

There have been many suggestions by others that Vincent could in fact be Sephiroth's father. Vincent was in love with Lucretia, Sephiroth's mother, and the two could have possibly sired a son together. While possible, it is still unlikely, considering that Lucretia did reject him to be with Hojo. Nonetheless, there is something similar between the two; Sephiroth can almost be an albino-ish version of Vincent. There isn't much interaction between the two after Sephiroth's birth however, since Vincent was immediately injected with monster serum / JENOVA cells and confined to a cold sleep in Shinra mansion, not to be awakened until thirty years later, inadvertently by Cloud.

Sephiroth and Zack

These two may very well be best friends. In fact, Zack may be the closest thing to a friend that Sephiroth may have had during his SOLDIER days; in fact, he had taken Zack under his wing. It was Zack who tried to comfort Sephiroth after learning that he may be a Cetra.

Sephiroth and JENOVA

While not his biological mother, JENOVA nonetheless played a pivotal role in Sephiroth's creation. Sephiroth used JENOVA to further his plans of becoming a God, in the same way JENOVA used Sephiroth to further her plans of destroying life on the world.

Sephiroth and Gast

Apparently, Gast was Sephiroth's mentor, and Sephiroth looked up to him as the best scientist of Shinra. It would seem though, that Gast was keeping a lot of secrets from him even then.

Sephiroth and Hojo

Never knowing of their relationship, Sephiroth is always quick to scoff at Hojo, labelling him as a scientist who, though try as he might, could never reach Professor Gast's standards.

Sephiroth and Lucretia

Sephiroth never knew his mother; his birth triggered the mutatatons of the JENOVA cells in Lucretia's body, transforming her. Unable to die because the JENOVA cells wouldn't let her, Lucretia hides, occasionally seeing her son in dreams.

Sephiroth and Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo

Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo seem to be Sephiroth clones, but with an individual persona away from the normal Sephiroth clones in the game. Kadaj himself claims that he has never met Sephiroth, though he is aware of the other's existence. He adds, a little bitterly, that he doesn't know who his 'mother' prefers more - him or Sephiroth.