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...visitor, to Angels Instead; the approved fanlisting and shrine listed at The Anime Fanlistings and The Fanlistings networks for the best character from the video game series Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth. If you are a big fan of this gorgeous AF, then please consider joining the fanlisting and become one of his supporters. ^_^

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Let us all welcome Mika who recently joined the fanlisting.

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Angels Instead is currently maintainted by Aki since February 2014 who adopted it from Mitzrael, who in turn adopted it from the lovely Shaza. Thank you so much for letting me adopt this fanlisting! Also a big thanks to Nissie as well for bringing this subject up.

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I've already seen hell...

23rd June 2018
New home, new face!

Yay! I've finally been able to design a new layout for Sephiroth, which happened to be my second mock-up! The first one was kind of wide and a bit monochromatic, so I've decided to make a new one when I saw this gorgeous capture somewhere in the internet. I was kind of hesitating to transfer Sephi-chan from indisguise.tk to reijou.net because I wanted to have a new layout design for him, so ta-da!