Game Stats

Sephiroth is only playable once throughout the game: during Cloud's flashback, during the mission to investigate the Mako reactor at Nibelheim. At that point, his level is at 50.

When using Gameshark cheat codes, Sephiroth is also playable with battles on the Midgard World Map, although the game crashes when you try to go to town with Sephiroth in your party.

Vital stats

Strength: 78
Dexterity: 65
Vitality: 121
Magic: 75
Spirit: 121
Luck: 46
Attack: 177
Attack %: 255
Defense: 167
Defense %: 20
Magic atk: 75
Magic def: 121
Magic def %: 0
Max HP: 3264
Max MP: 529
Limit level 1

Equipment and Materia

Masamune [Revive and Restore | Earth and All | Fire]
Gold Armlet [Ice and All | Lightning and All]
Touph Ring
- Spirit, Vitality +50

Note: All Materia in Sephiroth's equipment has been mastered.