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Added Information

By Aki     Shrine, Fanlisting

Checking in guys! I've just added some pages under the information section those are Biography and Discography. The are still some pages that needs to be filled though, so kindly bear with me as I work things out. ;)

The finished form for this fanlisting was sent to TFL early this morning, so we'll be opening officially soon (once the fanlisting is already listed at the network with the proper link). So while waiting, I'll try to fill in some information about the band and hopefully finish everything up by the end of October.


By Aki     Fanlisting, Site Related

The fanlisting application has been approved by The Fanlistings Network! This subject has been in my wishlist since I've started building some fanlistings way back in 2011—thank you so much TFL for granting my wish by approving my application.

Shrine updates will be posted here whenever I add something new under the information section. Gallery (which will house any media-related) is still in question since it'll be one hellaballoo of work and will take a huge toll on me since I will be working alone, unless fans would be generous enough to donate some Incubus images, then that would be much highly appreciated and welcomed!