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About Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain, born in 1967, was best known for his work as a singer/songwriter in the grunge rock band Nirvana. His epochal snarl and raw guitar riffs defined the genre of grunge in the 1990s, shooting Nirvana into the mainstream.

Kurt Cobain was born on the 20th February 1967 to parents Wendy Elizabth (nee Fradenburg) and Donald Cobain. Cobain had one sister Kimberly, who was born in 1970. Cobain's family had a musical background, his uncle having starred in a band called The Beachcombers, his aunt having played guitar and performed in several bands, and his great-uncle featuring in the 1930 film King of Jazz.

Cobain's parents divorced when he was nine years old, and this later had a profound effect on his life. He became withdrawn and in an interview said that at school, he felt ashamed of his parents. He struggled through depression and rebelled as a teenager. He enjoyed art class and this was the only subject that he did not fail at school.

Before forming Nirvana, Cobain was kicked out of home, apparently homeless and living under a bridge for some time, due to dropping out of school. Nirvana was formed when Cobain met Krist Novoselic, a fellow devotee of punk rock. Chad Channing was the drummer of Nirvana before he was replaced by Dave Grohl following the recording of their album Bleach.

After their number one hit Smells Like Teen Spirit, from the best selling album Nevermind, Nirvana went on to produce their third studio album, In Utero.

Cobain married Courtney Love, who gave birth to their daughter Frances Bean in August 1992. Cobain and Love bonded through drug use.

Throughout his life Cobain regularly took drugs. His ill health included a stomach condition and chronic bronchitis. After years of substance abuse and attempts at rehabilitation, Cobain took his life in 1994.