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By Aki     Shrine, Fanlisting
Alas! The fanlisting for the wonderful young adult book series written by Ransom Riggs is already up and running~! I'm very much excited for this fanlisting because, for those who have read the series, knows how wonderful it is—and believe me, these books are very difficult to put down from page one. I've been seeing these books from our local bookstores since 2015 and it pains me a lot that I wasn't able to purchase the first three books, but lo and behold I was able to read the books via e-books. As for a Christmas gift to myself, I did bought the fourth book and it's currently shining it's gloriousness on my bookshelf. XD

Anyways, I'd like to inform everyone who stumbles upon this little space that I'm still working on the "fansite" side of this fanlisting. But, any fan of these book series including the film adaptation can now join the fanlisting. So far, that's the current page open for visitors along with the sitely page. I will put my self written chapter summaries soon when Christmas and probably New Year is over so I won't be that busy, and I will also include the photos from the book to showcase the peculiarities of the book. ;)

That will be all for today~! I will keep everyone updated as soon as I get the time to do so. Happy holidays~! v(^_^)v